NAHL NEWSLETTER - March 26, 2018

Another season is done and I believe it has been a success. Thank you to all the volunteers who make it possible for us to play hockey. We have dozens of people who volunteer countless hours so we can have fun on the ice. The guys on the executive, the timekeepers and officials, and although they get paid, they are still thankless jobs!

Report from Rec League

In the Rec league finals, the Canadiens won the final series 2 games to 0, and the division remains strong. This is certainly the fastest brand of recreational adult hockey north of Victoria, and getting faster every year. 

Discipline Issues

This was the slowest season in recent memory for disciplinary issues. The credit goes to all of you. It seems the culture of our league is slowly changing for the better. Credit also should go to the red penalty program. It has done more to promote our better behavior than we ever thought possible. It is continually surprising to hear the amount of talk and attention it generates.


We have had discussions through out this season about the lack of parity in our divisions, and we would like to continue those discussions in a constructive way. One observation I have made this season is in our 35 Division. This division lowered its age minimum recently and it’s shocking how much the level of play has increased from just that one change. What this is sure to do is to help convince those guys in 35 that are over age to move up to 45 and then the same for the 45 Division guys (or gals) to move to the 55. This alone may have a huge impact on parity, if the guys moving up are smart about it. If you are a player moving up an age division please if possible pay attention to which team you are moving to, especially if you are a stronger player please (friend associations aside) try to move to a team that is weak (both in skill and in numbers) and is in need of the help. It doesn’t make sense to make an already dominant team even stronger!

Red Penalties

The $500 dinner at Milano’s and Ian Monk Trophy is awarded to the Old Knights of the 55 division!

  1. Old knights55 - 0.31

  2. Mariners 45 - 0.43

  3. Sofa kings 55 - 0.43

  4. OldSeamen 45 - 0.44

  5. 26ers 35 - 0.48

  6. Old Dogs 55 - 0.51

  7. Qway Leafs Rec - 0.61

  8. Tailgaters Rec - 0.63

  9. Rangers 35 -0.64

  10. Shooters 45 - 0.65

Thanks again to Kyla Hartnell (Long Lake Physio), Dave Kirk (Cunningham & Rivard), Leon Cake (Four Star water works) and my company Boehm Construction Ltd

Also, FYI - Our AGM is April 26, 6:30 pm at the NMHA office Jeff Boehm on behalf of the NOHL Executive

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Roland van den Hout