NAHL Spare Board


All NAHL teams are encouraged to use a player from the league spare board before a player from another teams roster can be used. If you would like to be listed on the NAHL spare board, please click on Spare Board Registration.

Name(s) Division(s) Position Level Phone Email
Alex Zoglauer 55+ Goaltender Competitive Minor 250-323-1048 or 250-615-1048 Email Alex
Nelson Pigeau (NCHL) 45+/55+ Goaltender Jr. B 250-619-4606 Email Nelson
Victor Orr 45+/55+ Goaltender 250-667-3119 Email Victor
Richard de Meester 45+/55+ Goaltender Competitive Minor 250-739-8951 Email Richard
Russ Tom 45+ Goaltender 250-713-9465 or 250-756-9188 Email Russ
Logan White REC/30+ Goaltender Competitive Minor 250-619-8744 Email Logan
Scott Marshall REC/30+ Goaltender Major Jr. A/University 250-419-3064 Email Scott
Lloyd Poll 55+ Forward Recreational Minor 250-716-6144 Email Lloyd
Randy Barnes 55+ Forward Recreational Minor 250-616-3145 Email Randy
Kevin Francis 55+ Defence Recreational Minor 604-230-7134 Email Kevin
Chris Welsh (NCHL) 45+ Forward/Defence Competitive Minor 250-741-6312 Email Chris
Claude Therrien 45+ Forward/Defence Competitive Minor 250-756-4356 Email Claude
Sean O'Toole 45+ Forward/Defence Competitive Minor 250-802-4112 Email Sean
Hafeez Dossa REC Forward Competitive Minor 778-837-7537 Email Hafeez
Cameron Hussynec REC Defence Competitive Minor 780-689-8320 or 250-760-1301 Email Cameron
Drew Whalley REC Defence Competitive Minor 604-813-8919 Email Drew
Curtis Paton REC Forward Competitive Minor 778-988-4582 Email Curtis
Jacob Blaikie REC Forward/Defence Recreational Minor 250-714-5540 Email Jacob

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